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Terms & Conditions

Course codes purchased have no expiry date until registered. On registration of a course code you are entitled to 6 months access to the online learning materials and online examination. If a pass grade is achieved before your 6 month expiry date you will no longer have access to the course materials. Your course administration area will clearly inform you of your expiry date and of the time you have left to study and pass, simple traffic light indicators will also inform you of the timescale to ensure you achieve a pass in the given time.

Data sharing

By clicking the agree box below you are agreeing to allow the Testing centre, purchaser, selected partner companies and awarding body of this course/course code to view both the basic personal details that are collected on registration and to also monitor your progress throughout the duration of the course. All organisations connected to this course have full rights to see your data as mentioned above for tracking purposes but in no way have any level of permission to share or market to you via the recorded details we hold. If you are targeted with any marketing or you believe your personal details are being used outside of this agreement please contact use directly as we take any level of personal data misuse very seriously.

Please ensure you have read the above statements and are happy that your data is shared and that a training record may be kept by our selected partners and organisations in accordance with our policies and inline with the data protection act.

East GB Ltd

The overall owner company East GB Ltd copyright holders of all the course material and system has the right to use your data for statistical analysis, this data can be shared internally to study trends and help develop the system or business. We in no way have any right to market to you via the learner data we gather. We may use your contact data to inform you of changes to the system and any notices that may affect you as a learner.

Awarding body

The awarding body Qualifi will hold record of your data to prove your qualification and monitor any learners’ status of progress via a live connection to the data. East GB Ltd cannot be held responsible for data infringements made by any of our selected partners.

Qualification certificate

If applicable the company that purchased the course/course code has the right to download your pass certificate and view any progress made within the course by the learners under their partner permissions. Different levels of data access are given to higher or lower levels of management staff within the partner companies. We do everything we can to control and protect data under the data protection act.

Personal information - Declaration

I declare that all personal information entered in the above registration form is correct and truthful to your current knowledge to date. I understand that any attempt to mislead or enter incorrect information is an illegal act and will annul any qualification gained. Such a breach of the law may result in a full investigation, and may lead to legal proceedings against you.